Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 21st, 2016

Dear Family,

This week, Elder Winkler, Elder Marvin, and I were able to have a
meeting with Sister Hunter in the ward about JustServe projects in the
area. She gave us some good direction on where we can find some more
potential projects since we only have a couple feasible projects in
our area. The JustServe program has been great for giving missionaries
opportunities to serve in the community instead of just doing service
for the same members all the time.

Elder Winkler got mid-cycle transferred on Wednesday to Huber Heights.
There were three elders that went home and Elder Winkler was needed to
fill in for one of them. So now it is just Elder Marvin and I in the
apartment. We were all really surprised that he left one week before
the transfer ended.

With Elder Winkler leaving in the middle of the week, our timeframe
for documentation got pushed up. Elder Marvin and I were able to get a
lot of tasks thoroughly documented, so hopefully there isn't anything
we missed.

We have been doing a survey of all the commissary items in the mission
(Book of Mormons, pass along cards, restoration DVDs, etc.) All areas
have sent in their commissary surveys. There are a LOT of extra items
out in all the areas. We hope to use this information for assisting
Sister Brower, one of the office missionaries, with commissary orders
when she doesn't have enough supply of a certain item. The results of
the survey could also be used to assess about how many of each
commissary item each area should have if we would like to try
collecting some of the items back to the office.

There are a few different iPad issues we have been able to fix this
week. We are in contact with several ward clerks that are trying to
relocate funds for missionaries that claim to have paid for their
iPads. After this week we will have more to report on which
missionaries we haven't resolved payment issues for. We were about
ready to ship Sister Clark's iPad back to her and then we noticed
there were a lot of dead pixels at the bottom of the screen. We took
her iPad to the Apple Store and were able to get her a brand new
replacement one under the warranty before we shipped it. Also, we
found Sister Morgan's iPad (which has been unaccounted for all
transfer) in the stack of unlabeled loaner iPads, so we will be
shipping that one to her once her ward clerk figures out the payment.

This week is transfer week, so things are about to get a lot busier. I
will also be getting a new tech elder and I will probably be senior
companion. I have only dealt with the tasks for the first few days
after transfers once, so hopefully I am able to remember everything
that needs to be done.

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

Our companionship with Elder Hartung, one of the senior missionaries
in the office.

The Lewis Center / Polaris / Powell district at our last district
meeting of the transfer.

-Elder Marvin "studying" at the desk we moved out after Elder Winkler left.

Our St. Patrick's Day meal of "corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes".
Sister Fife made us Reuben sandwiches with sauerkraut and potato
chips. Her family is Scottish and this is her more modern version of a
classic meal.

Elder Peterson, one of the Assistants, getting attacked by a dog.

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