Sunday, April 3, 2016

February 8th, 2016

Dear family,

I'll start off with transfer news. Elder Taylor is staying in Dayton
YSA 2 and I am now in Powell 2. I work in the office as a technology
specialist (most people call us tech elders) with two awesome
companions Elder Winkler and Elder Marvin. Elder Winkler and I are
both junior companions and Elder Marvin is the senior companion.

Elder Marvin is from Los Angelos, California and Portland, Oregon.
This is his last transfer and then he is going home. He is really

Elder Winkler is from Orem, Utah. He has two transfers left and will
likely stay a tech elder with me until he goes home. Elder Winkler and
I are second cousins. I found this out while doing family history work
in my first transfer, but I haven't ever had a chance to talk to him
about it. Now that we are companions I have had a little more
opportunity to tell him about it. He is related through Mom's side of
the family. His mom is Renee Rowley (Winkler), who is my Mom's cousin.
The shared ancestor we have is James Aitken/Mary Stoker. It's a small
world, I guess.

Time is moving so fast here. I am on day five, but it feels like I
have only been here two. This area is the one I have felt the least
stressed in. I like that I am able to use the talents that I have
developed to help the whole mission. Another difference is that I get
to see a lot of what is going on behind the scenes. We work closely
with President Daines and his assistants, Elders Lloyd and Peterson. I
usually only see the "business" side of President Daines, but now I
get to see the personal side. I have learned more about him in the
last three days than I have in the past nine months.

I have been learning a lot about how members can be effective in
missionary work. I invite you to ask the missionaries over so they can
inform you how you can be involved as a family to help strengthen the
ward. I can promise you that as you become member missionaries you
will not only help friends come closer to Christ, but you as
individuals and a family will draw closer to Christ. Will you invite
the missionaries over this week?

By the way, our address is:
Elder Aaron King
4884 Emerald Lakes Drive
Powell, OH 43065

But we are really close to the mission office, so you can just send stuff to:
Elder Aaron King
19 Clairedan Dr
Powell, OH 43065

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

Tech elders and assistants working side-by-side during our busy
post-transfer week

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