Sunday, April 3, 2016

February 15th, 2016

Dear Family,

I really enjoyed district meeting this week. Elder Johnson, our new
district leader, taught about ways we can work with members better. We
should bring members who would be best to fellowship, not just those
who would be the easiest to get based on availability. Sometimes as
missionaries we end up bringing the same members to lessons because
they are always available. It is so important that we prayerfully
consider who to bring and then help them realize how they can be part
of God's work. Elder Johnson also taught how we should change our
mindset from "members help us with the work" to a mindset of "we help
them in their missionary efforts".

Now that we are a little ways passed transfer week, we have had some
more time to go out proselytizing. We were able to do some tracting,
contact a couple referrals and reach out to some less active members.
I enjoy teaching with Elders Marvin and Winkler. They are good
examples and care for those we teach.

This week, the three of us made chicken bacon pesto pizza. It is a lot
more work than I remember. Also, our kitchen is really small, which
doesn't help when there are three cooks. It turned out really good. I
was glad to eat our pizza again, but I probably won't make it again
while on my mission. Has the menu at home changed very much in the
past few months? What are some of the new recipes you have tried?

Thanks for the package! Both my companions really liked the muffin
mix. Elder Marvin really loved the sour fruit snacks.

A few days ago, we were walking down the driveway of a referral we
were contacting. Elder Marvin stumbled a little on some ice and caught
his balance. I told him to watch his step, then not even a second
later, I landed flat on my butt. I hit my right wrist and elbow, the
right side of my tailbone, and my head on the ground. Luckily there
was a tiny amount of snow to lighten my fall. When I fell I also lost
my CTR because it flung off my finger. There was a lot of light snow
so it probably fell into a snow drift. We have checked back a couple
times to look for it, but the snow won't melt. Hopefully I am able to
find it.

At church we had fourteen missionaries. Normally we have 6-8 because
there is our trio, the trio of Powell sisters, as well as President
and Sister Daines. This week the Worthington and Dublin wards had to
join us because their building had a plumbing problem. There was raw
sewage flooding into the baptismal font. So we got to have our zone
leaders (Elders Bauman and Brown), our sister training leaders
(Sisters Rogers and Lonnecker), and an office couple (Elder and Sister
Hartung) at church with us. Our gospel principles class had all of the
missionaries except President and Sister Daines. This was definitely a
different experience at church.

I feel like I have been slacking on my studies a bit this past week. I
don't want to get too comfortable being a technology specialist that I
lose sight of the importance of studying the doctrines of the
missionary lessons. My primary purpose is a missionary, so I will try
harder this week. I have noticed a difference in my attitude this
week. Not reading your scriptures for even a few days can have a very
drastic impact on your effectiveness and attitude.

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

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