Saturday, June 20, 2015

On Wednesdays, every other week, we have a softball game over in the Troyer's field. There are horses that are normally in the field, but they just move to beyond the outfield. We try to invite a lot of the less active members and investigators that would not normally come if it was just a church event. By getting people to be more involved in the community it helps to fellowship re-activate/fellowship people to coming to church more. The mission president has asked that we do not participate in playing any sports since it is not our P-day. This gives us a chance to talk to people that show up though.

After the softball game, we went to visit a new investigator named Chris. He has really impressed us with his curiosity about the gospel. Only two days after inviting him to read the Book of Mormon, he read all of 1st and 2nd Nephi. He spends more time reading the scriptures in a day than we have, so it has been interesting trying to keep up so we can discuss his reading progress with him. Chris is really open minded and I feel like he is going to be baptized eventually.
Chris told us a funny story about how he used to be in the band in high school playing the clarinet. One day, during a concert performance, he brought his harmonica. Part way through the song he changed to playing the harmonica instead of the clarinet. The conductor started having a furious look on his face since he isn't facing the audience, but he couldn't stop the musical number because it would look bad. So he just was fuming the entire time and Chris was able to play harmonica in a school performance. Afterwards he was kicked out of the band, but Chris says it was worth it.

We did some more hauling hay. This time we were unloading it from the trailers instead of loading it onto the trailers. We stacked the bales in a barn that had zero ventilation. We were all breathing the stuff. It is a good thing none of us have allergy problems. Every few minutes we would have to leave the barn to get some fresh air. By the time we were done, there was hay covering us from head to toe (look at the picture of me after I took my watch off to see how covered we were.) For the next 1-2 days Elder Hill and I were finding hay after blowing our noses.

 Softball in the Brother Troyer's field

A wooden toy rocking motorcycle in Brother Weaver's furniture store. 

Some handmade amish dolls and quilt made in Pennsylvania. This is also in Brother Weaver's store.

0131 Elder Hill up in a trailer of hay as we helped Brother Weaver haul the hay into Brother Troyer's barn.

This was on June 12th, the first night I actually got to cook. I made curry of course.

 Livingston avenue over in Pickerington at Karen's Baptism.

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