Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On Wednesday we got our iPads. We have not really been told what to do with them, we just have them now. We try and share Mormon Messages on them, but other than that we don't really use them for much. We have been told we will eventually get to use Facebook on them to contact investigators, so I guess I will have to make an account again. We don't have WiFi in the residence though, so we have to drive over to the elementary school a few blocks away to mooch off their WiFi.
We have been doing a lot of service this week. Thursday I don't think we taught a single lesson; we were just too busy helping others. Thursday and Friday we spent 4-5 hours each day helping the Shores move. They didn't really have everything packed up and ready to move out so we kind of had to sit there and wait for work to do sometimes. We had 4 other elders from our district there helping too, so not a lot of missionary work was getting done in that time. The other service we did was weeding at the Hochstetler's for a few hours and digging out some sod for flowerbeds at the Danville Commons apartment complex behind our residence. We also helped an older lady switch the beds between her guest and master bedrooms. Both beds were king size beds with large wooden frames.
The amish families have had a stomach flu going around and my companion caught it Saturday. He threw up in the middle of the night but okay by morning. I caught the flu too yesterday (Sunday) and threw up at 1AM and again when I woke up at around 7AM. We weren't able to go to church because I didn't want to get anyone else sick and I had no energy. I think all of the service we did Thursday/Friday weakened us so that the sickness effected us more.

We also helped an amish family move some hay bales into their barn. A lot of the amish families want nothing to do with the missionaries and will turn us away if we show up on their door, so it is good we got a chance to serve them. We are hoping this turns into an opportunity to teach them later.

Thank you for sending your emails this week. I have enjoyed hearing from you. I hope you like the pictures I have sent and I will try to continue taking pictures so that everyone at home can see the fun experiences I am having.

MTC District at the temple

 I found King Road just a few miles outside of Danville.

Helping an Amish family move hay bales

Helping an Amish family move hay bales

A giant chair outside Brother Weaver's furniture store

Some pictures of our residence.

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