Thursday, September 1, 2016

July 11th, 2016

In District Meeting, we were asked to come prepared with a concern
that one of our investigators have. Interestingly, everyone in the
district came with the same concern: helping investigators to read the
Book of Mormon. From our discussion as a district, the main thing that
I got that I need to apply is that we need to help investigators learn
how to identify principles so they have a desire to read on their own.
I have had a couple chances to apply this in lessons this week.

Elder Low and I were also asked to give a training on how to set
goals. I enjoyed giving this training because it helped me to improve
in an area I feel I lacked. I found several examples in the Ensign
that helped show how to set specific goals.

From what I learned in preparation for that training, I have revised
my goal to obey with exactness. My goal is each week, I will use three
new ideas for teaching or finding from PMG and I will account to the
Lord each night on my efforts. I will ponder and listen for how I can
do better the next day. To accomplish my goal, each day I will read in
PMG until I have found at least one new idea to try. With those ideas
I find, I will add them to a list that is in a visible place, on my
study desk and in my reminder list on my iPad. To make sure I stay on
track, on Friday mornings, I will review my efforts from the previous
week. During this time I will evaluate goals and expectations so that
I can discuss them during companionship inventory.

Elder Low and I made some Dulce de Leche during weekly planning. It
took about three hours to cook on the stove and we made it without
blowing up our kitchen (phew!) Since we had never made it before and
had heard some horror stories of when you don't watch the pot, we were
a bit a nervous. It tasted just as good as when I had it at the
Weaver's back at the start of my mission. We will be taking some to
district meeting this week so I will send some pictures of the
finished product next week.

This week, we were finally able to set up a lesson with Brother
Rinehart. This was a good lesson where I felt the spirit testifying
through Elder Low and myself. We helped to relate the chapters Bill
was reading in the Book of Mormon to his life and helped him see how
he can learn from these events.

We got to spend some time sanding and painting with the Von
Niederhausern family. They needed some help and we didn't know much
about how to paint, but we were happy to learn. It ended up being
really fun and we got to know their family better.

As a district we chose to fast together. Every time I fast, I have
found my testimony of fasting and prayer increase. This was no
exception. I feel like there is such clarity when I fast and my
problems seem to melt away. I find it easier to turn outward and focus
on others.

Sunday, Elder Low and I went to visit some investigators and members
with Tyler Welch. We were able to meet a less active member that we
have never been able to contact. His name is Brother Klemann. Through
talking we found out that President Welch (our stake president and
Tyler's dad) was Brother Klemann's YM president a long time ago.
Brother Klemann also knows some of Tyler's brothers. This was a really
positive meeting and he would like to have us back. We were also able
to have a lesson with an investigator that hasn't been answering the
last several times we stopped by. Tender mercies just seemed to keep
happening one after another. This has been probably one of the most
successful times of bringing a member with us so far on my mission.

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

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