Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 8th, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

For some reason this transfer has been more difficult to get office
tasks done. Usually it takes about a week to get back to the swing of
things, but with the stake key indicator report lining up right after
transfers it is taking longer. Also, I feel I didn't do as great of a
job training Elder Low on how to complete the different office tasks
in the beginning, so I am trying to do better with Elder Liu. He is
doing great with all the office work. We have been able to get out to
see more people the last couple of days and I think things are finally
becoming normal again.

I like how in Zone training meeting we took some time as a zone to
discuss and brainstorm different finding ideas. There were a lot of
ideas that came out of it that I had never thought of. In the meeting,
I was also reminded of how we can be either selfish or selfless in our
service. We need to be fearless, confident, and bold otherwise we are
selfish. If we let our fears get to us then we are focused on
ourselves and not focused on helping others progress.

We helped Brother Carson in his garden because he has been so busy and
there was a lot of work for him to catch up on. As we were working,
Brother Carson scraped his leg on a metal post which took up a nice
chunk of skin. He will be fine though, don't worry. As we were getting
close to being done, Brother Carson was watering a corner of the
garden that ended up having a hornet nest in it. Brother Carson was
the closest and got stung a few times. Elder Liu was fairly close too
and got stung on his head and leg. He was a good sport about it
though. When we were back at the apartment that night he put a
band-aid on his head and said "I need to take selfie."

I really enjoyed Fast Sunday. We still don't have a ward mission
leader, but the meetings were still good. The gospel principles lesson
happened to line up and talk about fasting. I realize that I haven't
really been fasting with as much purpose as I could be.

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

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