Monday, June 6, 2016

May 23, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

In District Meeting, I learned that I need to get back to using the
Book of Mormon more in helping investigators to answer their questions
themselves. With a Book of Mormon challenge starting again, I have
been seeing lots of insights on the Savior and I am excited to help
others learn of Christ as well.

Jonathan, one of our progressing investigators, has read the same
chapter in the Book of Mormon four times because it isn't clicking for
him. We have been trying to help him focus on paying attention to how
he feels more so than trying to absorb all of the information. Sister
Daines' comments at the zone conference comparing investigators to
babies has been helpful. When babies first get solid baby food, they
usually spit it out because it is a new experience for them and they
are not used to it. We need to work with Jon and assist him in the
learning rather than just giving him something to read and hoping he
gets everything out of it that he needs. Like a baby, you will need to
coax them into trying it more until they come to enjoy the food and
even ask for more.

From the Zone Conference with Elder Zeballos, the two main principles
I have been working to apply are pondering and likening. Sister
Zeballos made the comment to ponder both before and after prayer. I
have been taking some time before starting and I don't get up
immediately after saying amen. God definitely answers prayers when we
give Him time to respond to us. This way, I have noticed prayer can be
more of a two way communication and less of a list of requests and
thanks. This has improved more than just my prayers, the effects are
carrying over into my studies where I am getting deeper understanding
and I am better able to see connections that I can liken to my life
and the lives of our investigators.

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

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