Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 16, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

In Zone Conference, I really enjoyed the roleplay where we were bold
with investigators about keeping commitments. Elder Low and I had the
opportunity that night to apply what we had learned as we were direct
with Bill, a less active member, about coming to church. He initially
has decided he wasn't going to stake conference because he didn't like
the previous stake conference he attended. As we related the teaching
to his level and helped him understand the importance keeping a
commitment we make he had a change of heart and agreed he will come.

Saturday, we had exchanges with our zone leaders. I really enjoyed
going out to work with Elder Petersen. I learned a lot about street
contacting and how to be more real with people. Elder Petersen is a
great example of a diligent leader. I really admire his sense of
urgency he has in the work.

We were able to have a lesson with Jonathan Blake. The topics we
covered were really similar to what we covered the first time, but the
outcome was so much better this time. We had the first lesson on his
porch and second lesson we had in a member's home. It was amazing to
see the contrast between the two. Jon really seemed to benefit from
having another perspective than the missionaries. This has helped
build my testimony of the importance of having members at as many
lessons as possible.

Another change with the first lesson and the second lesson is that Jon
kept the commitment to read in the Book of Mormon. I could see a
difference in his attitude from the first lesson to the second. His
heart had definitely been softened from only believing the bible, to
seeing that there is truth in the Book of Mormon.

Stake Conference had some really amazing talks. I think my favorite
was the genealogy talk. I had never thought to pray before I do family
history work, but it makes sense. Sister Daines also made a comment
that really stuck out to me and I have been trying to apply more. She
said "When we stop pleading for our own will and start pleading for
the Father's will, that is when miracles happen." That talk tied in
really well to Elder Corbidge's talk which mentioned not falling into
the trap of living a church-centered life. We need to be
Christ-centered, which involves turning outward. President Daines
talked about working with members. The members pray for the
missionaries and the missionaries pray for the members. But it really
should be a combined effort and that we should be praying together,
not just praying for the other group.

Thank you for the package. The muffin loaf is delicious as always, thank you.

Sorry the email is a bit later in the day this week, we just got back
from the Columbus Zoo for our district activity (pictures coming
soon). Have a great week everyone!

Elder Aaron King
Ohio Columbus Mission

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